Elias Lujan



C / C# / C++

HTML / CSS / Bootstrap

Sass / Less / Javascript

jQuery / React.js / Vue.js

PHP / Laravel / MySQL

Node.js / Socket.io

Java / Android

Swift / iPhone

Python / APIs

Git version control system


Since I finished school, I've worked on my own as a freelancer and for my remake of Helbreath, Helbreath Empire (2012 - 2018).
I've introduced myself to programming with this project mostly, as it took nearly 4 active years to develop it.

This is an online MMORPG game, and it included many things such as basic graphics programming, TCP/UDP networking, game mechanics and logics, user interface, web development, game files auto-updater, database implementations, multi-threading, server setup, management tools, content creation, server security, big refactoring for porting pieces from old to newest C++ standards, etc.

Another job I had was with The Fuzzy Fish (2018 - 2019),
where I delivered services as a full stack developer for the Figured website.

After working for Helbreath Olympia for 4 years, by deploying bug fixes and implementing new features,
I'm back into Helbreath Empire, planning to release a new engine and features,
along with the development of own game prototypes and applications as well.